Tango Notes: Walking in Cross System

Parallel footwork is the "normal" style where the leader's left moves with the follower's right and leader's right with the follower's left. This is usually done in two tracks. See Walking (Caminata) for information about the parallel system of walking, All of the style issues for parallel walking also apply to cross system walking.

In cross footwork, the leader's left moves with the follower's left and similarly with the other feet. Walking with cross system footwork is usually done in three tracks with the leader offset to either the open or closed side.

How to Do the Cross System Basic 1:47
By Howcast's Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. Basic Eight but using the cross system from 2 to 5. This can make the Basic Eight look a little more elegant.
How to Walk in Parallel & Cross System 3:41
By Howcast's Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. Brief, helpful, tips about walking in general. It shows one way for the leader to change to cross foot and walk on the open side.
Demystifying the Cross System 4:38
By Oscar & Mary Ann Casas. Cross and parallel walking.

More advanced walking

The following video shows two cross system walking styles that are a little more difficult to do well.

Tango Lesson: Snake Walk Hook Behind 9:51
By Homer & Cristina Ladas. Teaches the "snake walk" and briefly demonstrates the "roller-blade" skater walk.