Tango Notes: Sandwich / Sanguchito

The most common terms in Spanish for the tango position where a follower's foot is "sandwiched" between the leader's feet are el sandwich, el sandwichito, el sanguche, or el sanguchito.

The most common sandwich sequence is:

Variations. There are also several variations that you can see in the following videos.

Video examples

Sandwich - El Sanguchito 5:49
By Tango Argentino Köln (Raquel & Ricardo Lang) In German, but you only need to look at the first minute of demo. This is the single most common sanguchito sequence.
Tango steps: 4 tips to make the sandwichito more elegant (easy tips) 8:53
By Pablo and Anne of Tango Space. In addition to showing the most common version of the sandwich, they talk about simple ways to make it more elegant and tips about the embrace. Very helpful.
Sanguchito and back sanguchito - 21.10.2015 6:52
By Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy. Shows the basic sanguchito but also some more advanced variations.
Sanguchitos - from simple to creative -13.11.2016 7:50
By Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy. Similar to above but some additions.
How to Do the Sandwich or El Sanguchito 3:24
Howcast video by Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. They don't show the move until two minutes into the video and then they use a slightly unusual variation with the leader stepping to the side with their right, instead of the more common crossing behind the left.
Basics of Argentine tango – the sandwich-step
Compilation of sanguchito videos.