Tango Notes: Sandwich / Sanguchito

The most common terms in Spanish for the tango position where a follower's foot is "sandwiched" between the leader's feet are el sandwich, el sanguchito, or la modida.

The most common sandwich sequence is:

Variations. There are also several variations that you can see in the following videos.

Video examples

Sandwich - El Sanguchito 5:49
By Tango Argentino Köln (Raquel & Ricardo Lang) In German, but you only need to look at the first minute of demo. This is the single most common sanguchito sequence.
Sanguchito and back sanguchito - 21.10.2015 6:52
By Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy. Shows the basic sanguchito but also some more advanced variations.
Sanguchitos - from simple to creative -13.11.2016 7:50
By Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy. Similar to above but some additions.
How to Do the Sandwich or El Sanguchito 3:24
Howcast video by Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. They don't show the move until two minutes into the video and then they use a slightly unusual variation with the leader stepping to the side with their right, instead of the more common crossing behind the left.
Basics of Argentine tango – the sandwich-step
Compilation of sanguchito videos.