Tango Notes: Gancho Family

A Gancho (English "hook") is a move where the follower hooks their leg round the leader. The most basic form involves a sharp leg movement back and behind a leader's leg. It's one of those moves that makes tango visually fascinating.

Family of moves. The follower's hooking leg movement can take many forms, coming from the front or back of the leader, with a backward or forward leg movement, fast or slow, the follower reverses direction or not, etc. These variations are often categorized as enganche, wrap, piernazo, etc. These notes consider all "hooking" moves to be included in the gancho family.

Caution. Whenever a high heel is being flung somewhere, there is a danger of hitting another dancer - or your partner. On a spacious dance floor there is little danger, but the Gancho is inadvisable or even forbidden when dancers are tightly packed.

Advice to leaders

Advice to followers

Most popular ganchos

By far the most popular introductory ganchos are from back ochos. Perhaps the next most popular may be from front ochos. You will find good introductory videos on these two below.

Introductory Gancho Videos

From Back Ocho. Linked Ganchos / El Pulpo Style Ganchos 17:43 Dec 3, 2014
Introductory lesson is from 4:03 to 11:25; Don't stop watching when you get to the misleading title screen; go all the way to minute 11:25. By Clint Rauscher and Shelly Brooks. Starts with a demo followed by instruction. This is the best introduction to ganchos from a back ocho that I've see. The remainder of the video covers the much harder linked ganchos, which are best to avoid until you are an experienced dancer.
From Front Ocho. How to do the Hook aka the Gancho 3:29 Apr 28, 2012
By Diego Blanco & Ana PadrĂ³n. Nice introduction to the Gancho done from a front ocho.

More advanced Gancho moves

Creative Ganchos I: Reverse Ganchos and Twisty Ganchos 9:13 Apr 23, 2013
By Clint Rauscher & Shelley Brooks. Instructional video with interesting gancho variations.
Smooth Ganchos and Exits 8:18 Jun 24, 2016
By Homer and Cristina Ladas. Instruction and demo. There's the usual discussion of a fairly general nature, but the demo that follows is rich in advanced Gancho variations.
Linked Ganchos / El Pulpo Style Ganchos 17:43 Dec 3, 2014
By Clint Rauscher and Shelly Brooks. Starts with a demo followed by instruction.
  • 04:03-11:25 - Good review of basic back ocho gancho technique.
  • 11:25 - Interesting combination of ganchos.
  • 14:50 - Exercise for both sides and coming from both front and back.
  • 15:30 - Man moves leg.
  • 16:10 - Three linked ganchos.
  • 17:13 - Another variation on linked ganchos.
Piernazo 2:11 Jun 4, 2010
Demo by Michelle & Joachim. Graceful dancing illustrating follower's leg going around leader's waist or thigh.
Tango 305: The Gancho 3:07 May 2, 2017
Tango 305: Gancho from Back Ocho 3:04 Nov 21, 2017
Tango 305: Ganchos 2:07 May 17, 2019
Three demo videos by LA Tango Academy (Emma Bogren & Richard Cepeda). Demo.
TangoForge Argentine Tango Elements: Gancho 2:03 May 9, 2017
By TangoForge. A summary of gancho possibilities. Peculiar, but interesting. Note the unique terminology referring to the leader as the "mark" and the follower as the "rebel".