Tango Notes: Video Compilations

Beginner Argentine Tango Class Notes (Figures) 8:32
By TangoCalgary. Some basic moves (basic eight, ochos, molinete, ...) and some a little beyond beginner level. These are mostly good demonstrations, except that the ochos (both front and back) are unusual in that the follower is kept to the closed side, which makes them harder for beginners.
Dance Argentine Tango - 26 Tango Moves / Figures 26:39
By Travis Widrick. An interesting compilation of moves. Click on the description below the video to see the table of contents showing the time and description of the moves.
Clase De Tango Danza Nivel Intermedio Compacto Lección 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 y 10 5:23
By Obdulio Ramón Serrano & Verónica Lean. Nice sequences of intermediate moves.
Two Left Feet Ganchos, Molinetes, Sacadas, Cadenas 3:39
By Mat MaMoody & ?. Feels like too many different moves, but still interesting.