Tango Notes: Rock Step (Cadencia) Turns

These simple turns are very useful. They can be used in a small space and are useful when the way forward is blocked or come out of a figure and need to adjust your direction of dance.

How to Do the Rock Step aka La Cadencia 2:22
A Howcast video by Diego Blanco & Ana PadrĂ³n. Shows counterclockwise starting with rock on the open side and counterclockwise with rock on closed side. The sound is missing in part of the video presumably because the music violated copyright restrictions.
Tango 102 3 La Cadencia Izquierda Rock Turn to the Left 0:33
By The 8th Style School of Tango. Turn 90 counterclockwise by starting with a rock on leader's left. The amount of turn can be adjusted up to 180.
Tango 102 4 La Cadencia Derecha Rock Turn to the Right 0:24
By The 8th Style School of Tango. Turn 180 clockwise by rocking on leader's left, leader's right back behind left, and then two small steps to complete the turn.