Tango Notes: Basic Eight

The Basic Eight ("Eight count basic", 8-step basic", ...) is the most commonly taught beginner figure. See the videos below for an explanation of the 8 steps.

Why the Basic Eight is taught

Although this entire figure isn't used much in actual dancing by intermediate and advanced dancers, it's important because:


There are several easy variations on the Basic Eight. Eg


How to Do the Tango 8-Step Basic 3:36
Diego Blanco & Ana PadrĂ³n show the standard form of the Basic Eight.
Argentine Tango 8 Step Basic with Instructions 2:53
By Rusty Cline & Joanne Canalli. Shows not only the the Basic Eight, but also finishes by teaching the six step baldosa.
Basic Argentine Tango 5:13
By James & Joanna. This gives clear instruction on the Basic Eight but then makes a big transition to the more advanced molinete.
Argentine Tango: Cruzada in Cross System 0:34
By utsocialdance. Shows changing at position 2 in the Basic Eight to use the cross system to get to Cruzada.