Tango Notes: Barrida (Sweep) / Arrastre (Drag)


This typical, and uniquely tango, figure involves moving the partner's foot. The terminology is variable: barrida (English sweep) and arrastre (English drag) are the common terms. The leader should keep their sweeping knee bent until the end of the move.


How to Do the Drag 3:02
By Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. From parada at 2. Leader's right drags follower's right toward open side.
Argentine Tango Lesson 27A - Back Ocho + Parada + Barrida + Half Sandwich + Low Boleo 1:25
By TangoDanceUK, Shannah & Phil. From parada in back ocho.
How to Triple Drag aka Triple Arrastre
By Diego Blanco & Ana Padrón. From a parada at 2. Leader arrastres to open side, follower arrastres in same direction, and then leader again to open side.
Capítulo. 05-11. El arrastre o la barrida 6:08
By Véronique Guide & Julio Luque. In Spanish, but with clear, although overly repetitive, demonstrations which make it easy to follow. From parada (mordida) at 2.
Barridas + Paradas 3:00 Sep 18, 2012
By Michelle Marsidi & Joachim Dietiker. Nice barridas. The person making the video forgot to include the feet at first, but they improved somewhat as the dance progressed.
TangoForge Argentine Tango Elements: Barrida 2:02
By TangoForge. An interesting number of potential barridas are shown. This is a group with unusual attitudes, from their terminology (eg, the follower is the "rebel") to footwear. If these boots look unusual, fur boots in another of their videos are interesting.