Tango Notes: Americana/o

The Americana (or Americano) is a simple, elegant, and useful step. The basic Americana position is with the partners facing the same direction in a promenade position with the feet on the inside (leader's right, follower's left) extended forward.

Below are basic ways to get into and out of Americana.

How to get into Americana

Where to go from Americana


Tango Embrace - Steps in Americana 5:01
By Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy (Nati & Bruno). Weak audio but shows some steps using the Americana.
Figur mit Boleo und Salida Americana 6:03
By Ricardo & Raquel. Preceding an Americana with a Boleo is graceful move, shich is what they do here. This is in German with English subtitles.
Salida Americana 4:09
By Ricardo & Raquel. Starts with a rock step and forward ocho. This is in German with English subtitles.