Tango Notes: Tango Notes Update History

Update history - Most recent first

Add Gancho Family page.
Added a Vanessa Gauch video on perfecting the pasada (stepover). Only for perfectionists.
Added page on Sacadas.
Added a nice video demonstrating beautiful tango walking (Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suarez - Caminata, argentine tango lesson (2014 Riga Tango Fiesta, LV)) to the Walking notes.
Sandwich / Sanguchito - New page with description and video links.
Barrida (Sweep) / Arrastre (Drag) - New page with video links.
Baldosa Box added.
Video was added to the Basic Eight showing how to get to the Cross in the cross system.
Walking - Added Advanced Walking section with video on the "snake" walk.
To and from the Cross - Added list of possible entries to and exits from the Cross.
Walking - Added videos about parallel vs cross system.
Molinete: Beyond Basic - Added Clint Rauscher video.
Back Ocho / Backward Ocho / Ocho Atrás - New page.
Paradas and Pasadas (Stepovers) - Added short demo video by The 8th Style School of Tango.
Video Compilations - A couple of new instructional videos were added.
Ocho Cortado - Added suggested variations to enter, do in middle, and exit.
Turns - New page with common, and very useful, rock step (cadencia) turns. Links to three short videos.
Molinete: Beyond Basic - Added LA Tango Academy video with demo of easy sacadas in the molinete.
Ocho Cortado - Added suggested variations and minor edits.
Basic Eight - Added two videos, one by Rusty Cline & Joanne Canalli (which also includes the six-step baldosa) and one by James & Joanna.
Reorganized the Molinete pages into two pages, one basic and one for "beyond basic".
Molinete / Giro / Media Luna - Added video by James & Joanna.
Molinete - Beyond Basic - Added a video by Los Angeles Tango Academy.
Added a new compilation of moves by Mat MaMoody & Mirabai Deranja. See above on this page.
Paradas and Pasadas (Stepovers) - Has been added with four videos.
Ocho Cortado - Created with links to eight instructional videos.