Tango Notes: Links to other tango websites

There are many sites that have general information about tango. Some of them are listed below. If you know of sites that you think would be generally useful, please send me a suggestion.

Music, lyrics, etc

Todo Tango
There may be no better place to go for information on tango music (songs you can listen to, lyrics, and scores!) and artists (musicians, singers, composers). Historically oriented.

Reference, glossaries, ...

Altho it isn't well organized, you can find interesting information here, eg, a discussion of different styles of tango, a glossary of tango terms, and tango quotes.
Wikipedia has many entries for tango. Here are some of them.
Tango in Wikipedia
An interesting, but uneven, collection of tango information. Worth browsing.
Argentine tango
More about tango, including links to other Wikipedia tango topics.
Figures of Argentine Tango
Lists many tango figures with a brief description and still photos, which of course isn't adequate to understand the move. But if you are already familiar with tango, you will find something interesting.

Advice, ...

Top 10 tango skills that men often neglect
Good, if somewhat bland, advice.
5 Worst Argentine Tango Habits for Followers 7:21
Very entertaining video in its outrageous exaggeration.

Interesting dance videos at all levels

Tango 101 Demo 2:44
By Los Angeles Tango Academy. The LA Tango Academy is one of the few schools of tango that has an organized syllabus. This video shows what you should be able to do after taking their Tango 101 series.
Tango.Demo en Buenos Aires 3:32
By Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli. Nice dance video with some nuevo tango moves. Check out the underarm turns at around 1:57 and 3:05.