Wiggle / Wobble / Jiggle 3D

The desire is to create the rich experience of depth in viewing. The standard method is to present independent images to each eye, each image taken from approximately the location of the corresponding eye. Creating the images is not difficult, but viewing them is aggravating, and is usually done by one of the following means.

Another method which allows the mind to experience depth is by relative motion. In "wiggle vision" the two images are viewed alternately. This allows the mind to perceive depth, and maintain that experience for a short time.

Mallorca - Along coast north of Port de Soller

These pictures were taken on our last day of hiking. They aren't entirely typical of the experience, and are only some of the 3D pictures used to test this type of presentation.

The images below can either be "free viewed" (no special equipment) using the cross-eyed technique, or in "wiggle vision" by moving the mouse in and out of the image area.

Right eye image for cross-eyed viewing.Left image for cross-eyed viewing.
Move the mouse in and out of image to see "wiggle vision"
It appears that the road needed to be slightly wider, but that an olive tree prevented that. The solution was to remove only half of the tree!
To clarify the way, kind hikers have marked the correct path with cairns (Steinmännchen).
The trail was eventually blocked by a rockslide and cliff.
Hiking down to the water was steep and strenuous, and except for this one very pleasant spot, was not worth the effort.
Beautiful, misty walk high above coast.