Java: Preface

Purpose of these notes

These notes were started to fill in areas that textbooks didn't adequately teach. Where features were adequately covered in the textbook (eg, loops), you won't find much here. Where features are missing entirely from the textbook (eg, Graphical User Interface (GUI)), there are more notes.

Choices made in these notes

These notes

Public domain, not copyrighted

These notes are released into the public domain, which allows you to do pretty much what you want with them. I would appreciate credit, but that's really optional.


Thanks to my Java classes at Assumption University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Thailand; Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Departamento de Multimedia, Ecuador; and University of Maryland University College, European Division. In addition, I'd like to thank others who have suggested improvements to these notes (see Acknowledgements).

Fred Swartz,