Database: ODBC: Defining Data Source


ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) is a protocol for communicating SQL commands with databases. Most database systems support ODBC in addition to their their own, native, interface. While ODBC is usually the lowest common denominator, it is adequate for most database operations.

Client Interfaces

The database engine may be located on one machine, and the client interface may be located on another. Microsoft Access has both a database engine and a client interface, and either can be used independently. For example, the Access client interface can be connected to other database engines (eg, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...) over the Internet, and other clients can be connected to the Access database engine.

Defining a Data Source Name (DSN) for other clients

If you want to use an Access database from another client on the same machine, eg WinSQL, you need to create a new data source name for the client to make an ODBC connection to.