C++ Notes: Graphical User Interfaces

There are hundreds of packages to use in creating GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Every proprietary operating system has one or more proprietary GUI library. In these notes I'll just mention Microsoft Windows, but something similar applies to MacOS, OS/2, etc. In addition to the many proprietary GUI packages, there are a number of popular portable GUI libraries.

  1. Microsoft Windows. I'm not interested in system lock-in, so I don't pay much attention to these. However, the following are available.
  2. Portable (at least between Windows, Linux, and MacOSX). Here are some of the more popular systems.
    wxWidgetswww.wxwindows.org is a big system with a lot of other features (aka wxWindows).
    GTK+ www.gtk.org
    Qt www.trolltech.com
    FOX www.fox-toolkit.org
    eFLTK I haven't checked out this fork of FLTK, which sadly seems to be dying.

Overview. Read GUI Toolkits for The X Window System for an (old) overview of the these (and more). I've used FLTK, but it seems to be replaced by eFLTK, which I haven't checked out. I'd probably start with wxWidgets, but ...