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Below here are links that I use, but probably aren't that interesting to others. And many are old.
Local CN | localhost | | about:config
Money Google Finance | | cefanalyzer | CEF Connect
Sim: ETFreplay | Sector Surfer | Finviz | yloader | longrundata (reinvest data) | DividendChannel (reinvest data)
Discuss: SeekingAlpha | Big Picture (Barry Ritholz) | Abnormal Returns | Pragamatic Capitalism | Periodic blogger table
Tango Traverse City Tango Club
El Recodo Tango for tango music samples, info ...
Chicho Frúmboli y Juana Sepúlveda Great dancing has lots of good videos.
TC Traverse Area Paddle Club
Notes Java Basics [20 pages of GUI tutorial], Java Notes [300 pages of random notes], C++ Notes
Comp Slashdot | dzone | | Language popularity | Snostorm
Misc RSA Animate | Khan Academy | ZabasearchWhitepages
Thailand ABAC| Bangkok Post
Language Spelling: English Spelling Society | Spelling Reform
Other: Interlingua |
Misc | Pixlr | imagine-resource | | | 55 Optical Illusions
Panorama Stitchers: | PTGui | Autopano Pro
3D Stereo StereoPhotoMaker (free, very useful) | Anabuilder (anaglyphs, also wobble) | (Lenticulars)